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Therefore, it is advised that if you are a Canadian citizen, you stick to Canadian FX brokers to ensure you have the protection needed when trading in the forex market. The company’s research and insights goes above and beyond some competitors.

I have tried both oanda and and they both said that if there was proof of residency outside Alberta it is no problem. The issue is that Alberta securities commission disallows individual Albertans to participate. This means that Albertans participating with non regulated brokers do not have any insurance in the instance that the broker goes under. And finally, British Columbia Securities Commission – or shortly BCSC – is an independent regulator for the Forex trading Canada experience, too. Currently, this commission has 10 commissioners, who are in charge to protect the personal data, the finances and the brokers from different cases of scams or frauds. This controlling agency is entirely self-funded, which makes it very popular among the traders, who prefer to enforce their signals to more independent regulation agencies. The Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada – or simply the FTRACC – is the official regulatory agency for Forex brokers Canada.

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Additionally, Quebec, British Colombia, and Ontario each have regional regulatory bodies that enforce forex broker rules and forex in canada standards. There are strict rules and guidelines in place to protect Canadian traders for both national and regional levels.

  • Existing Canadian laws state that any Forex broker can operate in Canada without a regulatory license.
  • Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for companies to set up their base of operations in Canada to cater to a relatively small portion of the retail trading market.
  • The Canadian regulatory structure is still in its primitive phase, and there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future course of action regarding the regulation of financial entities.
  • The ultimate aim for any business would be to achieve consistent profits, which can only be gained through a stable marketplace.
  • Some brokers will accept deposits in CAD but restrict you to other currencies, such as the USD, for your trading account.
  • Such a move is designed to increase the competitive nature of the retail trading market, but it can also have severe shortcomings.
  • The best forex brokers available for Canadian traders, however, will allow you to set CAD as your account’s base currency.

Initially BC required its forex traders to register as exchange contract dealers, but has recently amended this to investment dealer with the Investment Dealers Association. Forex trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. CFDs are complex instruments, due to leverage retail accounts lose money. Before you engage in trading foreign exchange, please make yourself acquainted with its specifics and all the risks associated with it. Forex markets in Canada are subject to both national and regional regulation. On the national level organisations like the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada serve as the main legislative institution.


Ontario decided forex was a security, and thus would be regulated under the Securities Act, though it went on to amend this Act to allow derivatives to be included. This meant that whether a court declared forex contracts to be securities or derivatives, they would still fall under the same legislation. British Columbia has been regulating forex traders for over a decade now, and does so under the label of securities.

If a foreign forex dealer commits fraud or declares bankruptcy, Canadians have very few avenues to recover their investment dollars. Certainly the extra protection offered by using a Canadian company is a plus, but many traders aren’t swayed by this in the face of higher margins. Bargain shopping is the norm in most areas these days, and forex is no exception. Forex dealers are not required to register and provide a prospectus when trading OTC derivatives with “Qualified Parties”. Short-term forex is exempted from the BC Securities Act when the settlement of the contract is required within three business days. Quebec went with the derivative label, and enacted laws requiring anyone trading forex to be registered or seek an exemption.

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In the US and several other countries, it is illegal to send funds to overseas FX brokers. The US also enforces strict regulations on international payments due to threats to national security; hence, US citizens have very limited freedom while moving their funds around. Canada has the largest number of regulatory organizations in the world due to the lack of a central regulatory authority. The Canadian Government has been contemplating the process of unifying all regulatory organizations under a single roof; however, the plan hasn’t come to fruition yet. Canada has conducted numerous case studies and has sought recommendations from experts to create a single regulatory authority that will be able to regulate and supervise all financial firms operating in the country. Nevertheless, at present, Forex brokers in Canada are regulated according to the territory of operations. There are brokers that are registered through IIROC, however, in order to open an account you must have accredited investor status.

A forex broker in Canada needs to register with the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada , and the regulatory body of the province they are in. We make sure every broker we recommend has the appropriate licences. Our experts have navigated the tricky regulatory situation of forex in Canada to bring you a complete list of the best brokers to trade with. In doing this, we reviewed hundreds of sites and put each broker we came across through our rigorous testing process.

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Nonetheless, a couple quality, mainstream FX brokers have set up office in Canada. This means traders can utilize the protection offered by regulators in Canada, in addition to benefiting from the expertise that an international broker can bring to a trader. The Foreign Exchange Market is where traders exchange currency pairs 24 hours, 5 days a week. It’s the most liquid, and largest over-the-counter market, offering access to traders all over the globe, no matter where you are.

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With exception of Alberta, retail forex trading is available in most provinces of Canada. It’s also worth noting that funds deposited with Canadian-regulated brokers are insured for up to $1 million per client by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Unregulated brokers don’t have to meet any of these standards. How, then, to encourage Canadians to use local forex dealers, especially for online trading?

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It is best to check with your provincial laws before considering forex trading in Canada. If you are already trading with a reliable broker, it does not make any significant impact by moving to a broker based in Canada, as the CIPF compensation is only available for Canadian citizens. On the other hand, if you are from Canada, switching your investments to a Canadian-based broker will let you enjoy several benefits and make you are part of the CIPF program. Apart from that, traders with a smaller trading capital are better off with their existing brokers, as they will have not visible advantages of shifting to another broker. Canada is also pretty lenient towards sending and receiving money from international brokers, provided that both the trader as well as the company adheres to all existing anti-money laundering laws.

With this, there is no restriction on leverage offered to Canadian citizens which allows traders to take advantage of higher offers. That said, they should be used with caution as the higher the leverage the higher the risk. It is strongly advised that traders start off with a low leverage, and a higher initial deposit. Regulators in Canada forex in canada must ensure that financial companies register and comply with regulations that protect consumers money before they can open any operations in Canada. In order to do this efficiently, the Canadian financial market is broken up into separate divisions that are regulated by multiple regulatory authorities, enforcing individual regulations.

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It also boasts 180 currency pairs, one of the widest ranges available on the FX market. However, not all currency pairs may be available to Canadian traders. CMC Markets began its operation in 1989 and has grown into a reputable and well-regarded broker across the globe. The company has an office in Richmond Adelaide St. W, Toronto, ON M5H 1S3, Canada, and offers Canadian traders updated YouTube videos with free market analysis videos to help investors of all levels stay on top of things. While professional forex traders will benefit from the company’s easy to use and customizable L2 Dealer platform, offering direct market access , bypassing the IG dealing desk. The broker meets all levels of forex traders needs in several ways. Higher volume traders can utilize IG’s aggressive rebate program for higher volume trading.